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Marilena Calbini - Fiori e idee Marilena
Marilena Calbini - Fiori e idee Marilena
"Everything you can imagine, nature has already created" Albert Einstein
This aphorism was the key that led me to a revelation that has defined my life's work: without nature, there is no art. Nobody can give life to art if it does not contain within it the mystery of the immensity that surrounds us.
She is a dreamer and nature lover, always on the look out for new emotions, impressions and feelings. She loves her work because it allows her to convey everything that she has learned from nature through matter, shapes and colours, aware that in the absence of nature, there can be no art.
Marilena graduated from the Floral Design School in 2002, under the direction of Carmelo Antonuccio, the international master of floral art. Since 2004 she has been enrolled as a member of the teaching staff, teaching and running international courses and exhibitions. In the same year she founded VM Design, a company dedicated to creativity and the development of trends and concepts. From 2008 to 2013 she held the prestigious role of art designer at the renowned VGnewtrend, a world leader in design and luxury furnishing accessories. At VGnewtrend she conceived and designed successful collections and furnishings, which were displayed at the world's most distinguished design fairs and exhibitions. Since 2010 she has taught on the 72-Day International Floral Design course. In 2014 she became a designer at Brummel Interiors, a company operating in the high-end luxury kitchens and furnishings sector, where she is currently responsible for product design and the company's image. Since 2015 she has been the designer of the Living-Home line for the renowned Aston Martin Interiors and Mercedes Benz Style brands. In 2015 she joined the designers of Visionnaire, the prestigious furnishings and interior design company founded by the Cavalli family, which specializes in the glamour of extra-luxury design. Today she is the artistic director of the Laboratorio Idee school, responsible for bringing an element of "genius and spontaneity" to the institution.
"Laboratorio e Idee" School
Marilena Calbini is an integral part of the teaching team at the LABORATORIO IDEE school of art and floral technique founded by the master of floral art Carmelo Antonuccio. The LABORATORIO IDEE school is a fully accredited professional training body. Courses cover everything from basic technical standards to the highest expression of art through plants, including the creative research and enhancement of environments, shapes and colours.
Serena Martini - Fiori e idee Marilena
Serena Martini - Fiori e idee Marilena
"Flowers, shapes and colours express silent emotions that give voice to unspoken words"
Since 2001 Serena has been working closely with Marilena Calbini in the Le Idee di Marilena shop in Cortona in the province of Arezzo. The pair immediately bonded over a shared professional understanding, resulting in a rare creative synergy.
Serena Martini studied at the "Laboratorio e Idee" School in order to be able to offer a complete professional service to an ever more discerning clientele. Eager to learn, she participated in all the courses and meetings organized by the School, which had just begun a broad series of individual courses, each focusing on specific subjects. She graduated from the school in 2007. She has assisted in the creation of installations at numerous Italian and international companies, where Laboratorio Idee has been responsible for each company's image. She won the prestigious national Floral Design trophy at the fifth edition of the awards in 2008.
"Laboratorio e Idee" School
Serena continues her on-going professional development, and keeps up with the latest trends in professional Floral Art, periodically following the International Floral Designer Course in Milan.

Teaching is not a profession, it is a passion

Marilena Calbini is a teacher at the Laboratorio Idee School. The school’s educational philosophy is based on the transmission of knowledge while respecting the personalities and aptitudes of others, and putting that knowledge at the disposal of those who seek their own artistic, technical and creative expression.

…everyone possesses innate abilities: a fully aware teaching method encourages the exploration of these abilities…

Marilena is an international teacher of flower and plant design at the Italian Laboratorio Idee School and the Swiss Atelier 5 School, and teaches on the prestigious 72-Day International Floral Design Course

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