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Idee floreali per la laurea - fiori per lauree



is commonly regarded as the colour most suitable for a floral graduation gift.

This is because red was the colour of the border of the togas worn by poets, magistrates, and political officials in ancient Roman times, and bestowed an air of greater respectability on the wearer. Furthermore, red has always been considered a favourable colour in pagan culture, and is considered an excellent choice to augur a brilliant career.

In Italy, each faculty is represented by a different and specific colour that derives from the headgear worn with a toga by faculty presidents at official ceremonies.

The colours and faculties are as follows (although in some cases they may differ from city to city):
Agriculture: Dark green
Architecture and Engineering: Black
Economics: Yellow
Pharmacy: Garnet red
Law: Blue
Literature and Philosophy: White
Languages: Amaranth Red
Medicine and Surgery: Red
Psychology: Grey
Political Sciences: Lilac
Communication Sciences: Red-purple
Educational Sciences: Pink
Mathematics, Physics, Natural Sciences: Green
Sociology: Orange
Veterinary sciences: Violet


All our work is carried out after carefully selecting the style and developing the idea together with the customer.
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